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Our history

After living abroad for a few years, we noticed the huge lack of Belgian products in various European countries. Eager to share this passion, this heritage, we decided to open this website named Mange belgium. Our greatest wish was to help all Belgian expatriates enjoy the delicacies of their country as well as to let the rest of the world discover the delights of the flat country. That's why we listen to our customers, those who want to find some typical Belgian products on our website. We are happy to meet the taste demands of our customers and we strive to find the solution in exchange for their loyalty.

The products on Mange belge

Mange Belge, the grocery store of authentic Belgian foods was created to satisfy the lack that Belgians expatriates, from all over the world, can feel while being away from home, but also for all the people wishing to find products typical of the dish country in our different categories whether confectionery with Belgian chocolates (Cote d'Or, Jacques, Galler, Dolfin, Newtree, ...), Belgian craft pralines (Valentino chocolatier, Corné, Limar ...), sweets and Belgian confectionery (Napoléon, Joris, Thijs, Lutti, cuberdons, Gicopa, ...), or drinks with Belgian beers (Jupiler, Stella Artois, Leffe, Cuvée des Trolls, Hoegaarden, ...), or cheese with artisanal cheeses (Chimay, Grimbergen, Brussels Cheese, Belgian Gouda, Herve, ...), or the terroir souvenirs, or the products of the grocery category, including the sugar cassonnade Graeffe from Tienen, the real Liège syrup, the famous Belgian waffles, without forgetting the prepared dishes and meals such as the Flemish Carbonnades and other Liegeoise boulets, Ghent Waterzooï, Vol-au-vent, maetballs in tomato sauce, ... All the products you like so much and that you want are on the site of Mange Belge The authentic Belgian foods grocery.

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