Cuberdons, Massepain / Nougat 

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If there is something irresistible, it is the adorable Belgian Cuberdons of Lutti. Small "nose" soft and sweet with a tender heart

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The original cuberdon raspberry flavor, is a conical Belgian candy, composed of gum arabic, slightly firm on the outside and unctuous inside

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Original cuberdon is distinguished by its sweet flavor and surprising by its crunching exterior leaving room for a deliciously soft heart...

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7,50 €

The Cuberdons from Confiserie Joris are top quality candies made in Brussels ... The nose or cuberdon is a soft gum with little gelatin ....

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Originally, the Cul de Bourdon (original name of cuberdon) is one of the most characteristic and best-selling candy in Belgium ... 224 gr...

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