Mélanges de biscuits 

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LOTUS "28 Moments" assortment, each pack contains a selection of pastries LOTUS .... 28 individually wrapped units for 989 gr ....

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Tea Time is a selection of 16 varieties of Delacre biscuits, of which most known : Russian Marquisettes, Biarritz, Cigarettes, Délichoc ....

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Tea Time is a set of 14 bakery recipe, of which icons of Delacre: Russian Marquisettes, Biarritz, Cigarettes, Délichoc, Mini Sprits, Nordica

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JULES DESTROOPER Jules' mini assortment of classic and delicious little wafers and tasty butter galettes .... Cookies per box of 126 gr ....

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BONI SELECTION is an assortment of delicious dry and chocolate biscuits containing 12 varieties of Belgian cookies to suit all tastes. 500gr

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The DELACRE Namur assortment is one of the smallest known blends in Delacre's range of delicious biscuits... Each package contains 200 gr...

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28,75 €

LOTUS Luxury assortment individually wrapped biscuits. 50 thin wafers, 60 Breton wafers, 50 caramelized biscuits and 50 speculoos chocolate.

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LOTUS 10 assorted pastries is a selection of delicious pastries: madeleine, zebra, marshmallow, frangipane and pommeline. 10 pastry for 385g

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