Sirop de Liège 

This Belgian specialty is a concentrated juice of pears and cooked apples made from 726 grams of fruit per 100 grams of syrup. Contains 450g

Lambert Liege syrup of pears, apples and dates is made from 400 grams of fruit per 100 g of syrup. This syrup contains 35% sugar ... 450 gr.

Meurens syrup offers real Liege syrup - original made from pears, apples and dates. This syrup is made with 400g of fruit per 100g of syrup.

Liege syrup is neither a jelly, nor a jam, nor a marmalade, Liege Syrup is a unique recipe with high fruit content with apples, pears, dates

Apricot Liege syrup is distinguished from marmalades, jellies and other jams by its high fruit content. Ideal with Belgian cheese ... 300 gr

The Pomona syrup from the Meurens Syrup is composed of a harmonious blend of sugar beet syrup and concentrated apple juice. Contains 450 gr.

Tamara offers a delicious syrup of apples, pears and dates. This Liege syrup is ideal on bread, pancakes, desserts, ect ... Contains 450 gr.

Sicof Appelstroop (apple syrup in Flemish) is a syrup mixed with beets and apples. Preparation made with a sugar beet syrup and fruit juice.

DAMHERT sirop pommes/poires contient 100% fruit, sans sucre ajouté afin de convenir pour un régime pauvre en sucre et moins de calories

EVERYDAY sirop poire-pomme-datte est fabriqué à partir de 400gr de fruits par 100gr de sirop. Chaque pot contient 450gr

The artisanal preparation of this syrup is guaranteed of its quality... The Limburgse Stroop is prepared according to a well-kept recipe ...

The Vrai Liège syrup 100 % fruit is made from 700 gr. of fruit (pears, apples and dates) per 100 gr. of syrup and is without added sugar ...

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