Biscuits sans sucre ajouté 

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Cereal Duette cocoa are healthy biscuits without artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. They are sweetened with maltitol. 150 gr

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CEREAL created a delicious cookies with coconut flavor without sugar, containing maltitol. Each package contains 6 packs of 2 biscuits. 132g

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CEREAL produces chocolate and hazelnut cookies that contain 97% less sugars compared to average cookies and up to 70% fewer calories. 150 gr

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BONI SELECTION manufactures vanilla waffles without added sugar, based on maltitol and without palm oil ... Each package contains 150 gr ...

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Patissier Gaulthier Frangitarte are delicious cakes stuffed with apricots, coconut and almonds. These small pastries are without added sugar

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