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With its delicious taste of garlic, Devos Lemmens' Pita Sauce is ideally suited to accompany pita meat, fondue, grilled meat and hamburgers.

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Garlic sauce for pitta, shoarma and gyros. Delicious with a barbecue, a fondue, burgers, fries or dip sauce for vegetables or snacks. 420 ml

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WILLIAM Pitta sauce is a white garlic sauce. Ideal with pita meat, shoarma and gyros. Mix this sauce with pita meat and fresh salad. 300 ml.

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BONI SELECTION sauce à ail est une sauce émulsionnée fabriqué avec des oeufs de poules élevées au sol. Chaque bocal contient 475gr.

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The spicy hot pita sauce La William is a white sauce with garlic that is served ideally with pita meat, shoarma and gyros... Bottle 1000 ml.

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