Herve/ Val Dieu 

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The flags are floating and are ideal for dipping into cheese, meat or any Belgian dish that you could offer to your guests... 144 flag pikes

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Herve soft cheese is a cheese with a typical Herve taste. Easy to spread, ideal as a garnish on delicious toast. Absolute fat: 20%. Pot 150g

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EXQUIS Herve cheese beer, Herve cheese matured in Belgian beer. Beer imparts delicate aromas and flavor hops... Each package contains 200 gr

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The Belgian Herve cheese is a cheese with soft cow's milk and washed rind. It takes its name from its region of origin: the Country of Herve

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The Raclette 12 sliced cheese from Val-Dieu is a Belgian abbey cheese with a semi-hard and washed crust ... Each package contains 350 gr ...

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VAL-DIEU monks delight is a Belgian soft cheese with a mixed crust. It is a fine and sweet cheese both made from pasteurized milk... 180 gr.

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The cheese from Herve piquant (spicy) which acquire over the weeks an orangey and slightly oily crust as well as its typical taste and smell

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