Emmental- Gruyère 

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The flags are floating and are ideal for dipping into cheese, meat or any Belgian dish that you could offer to your guests... 144 flag pikes

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BONI SELECTION Emmental Grand Cru en bloc is a French Emmental from Haute Savoie prepared with raw milk that has a designation of origin ...

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BONI SELECTION Swiss Emmental block is made from raw milk... Delicious dessert, the bread or for the preparation of sauces ... +/- 500 gr...

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BONI SELECTION Swiss Gruyère block is made from raw milk... This Swiss Gruyère cheese is a hard cheese. Absolute content MG: 32%. +/- 300 gr

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ENTREMONT Comté Premium is a fruity and pronounced French A.O.P. cheese from Comté with 10 months of ripening... Its origin is Haut Jura ...

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BONI SELECTION Emmental block is a German semi-hard cheese emmental prepared from pasteurized organic milk. Its taste is very characteristic

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EVERYDAY Emmental is a semi-hard-boiled plain Dutch cheese that contains min. 45 % of MG. His taste is full and sweet ... Ideal on bread ...

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EVERYDAY emmental bloc is a semi-hard Dutch cheese emmental without crust and has a soft and mellow taste. Can be grated or tasted on bread.

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Molenland's light fruity cheese is a naturally refined Belgian cheese and contains only 16% fat... Each pack contains 6 slices for 200 gr...

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